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SD bee - simply done

Digital marketing consultant
Automated web content production & broadcast software development
for companies & agencies

Because her online presence and content marketing are essentiel to Emily's business
she's found a way to manage it simply and keep hers costs under control





Reach new heights
by making digital work for you

A 3 step approach :
  • Bring skills for a fast result
  • Align everyday tasks with your strategy
  • Optimise, simplify and bring you independence
3 keys to boost success
  • Encourage involvement
  • Keep the rhythm
  • Practice to perfect

Boost your digitalisation
with a solution that complements tools you already use

Wether for marketing, internal reporting or sharing technical information, SD bee brings you customised supports for your digital marketing processes that help get things done.

Edited intuitively as a document, these supports combine relevant editing options, calculations, useful processing and third-party application interfacing. Contents are organised so each team member sees only what they need to.

Documents are shareable with a secure link. Inform team members of a task to do with a simple email or Text message linking directly to the support where the task can be completed.

Where useful, processing is kicked off automatically as anything which can be done manually can be outsourced to a robot.

Video Features Presentation

Ideas to simplify the production and broadcasting of digital content


Quentin Cornwell
  • MBA Change & Technology, english-french bilingual
  • 15 years experience in e-commerce, e-mailing & webmarketing
    gulliver.com, april-parfumerie.com, cabelas.com, Selection du net, Spacefoot, ....
  • 20 year project management
    BMC Software/Perform, Telindus, British Telecom, EDF, TMI, SNCF,...
  • 16 years industriel & full-stack web programming
    C/C++, PHP 5-7, JS ES5-6, Google App Script, node.js, requirejs, Linux server
  • Digital skills: e-mailing, Amazon Market Place, Google Adwords, SEO, e-commerce migration
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SD bee's features

  • modular, programmable, open source web editor
    • editor modules
    • formulae & computing functions
    • API commands
    • connectors
  • CSS style sets and 3rd party library mapping
  • Open source PHP 7 micro-server for stand-alone applications
  • SD bee online service : The editor with hosting, web services and extra modules
    • extra connectors,  editing modules and formulae
    • tools
    • web services
    • robots : background time or event triggered task execution
    • low CO2 shared & private hosting (2022)
    • subscriptions based on terminated publications
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